Antoni Tivoli Pendant from 1968

One of Ib Antoni´s many coorporations with Tivoli Gardens.
Antoni Tivoli Pendant is now in production again.

Ib Antoni (1929-1973)

Ib Antoni (1929-1973) was one of the most sought after Danish visual artists of his time. His desirable and significant work was commissioned by more than 150 companies and organizations worldwide. Including LIFE Magazine, J. Walther Thomsen, Young & Rubicam, ESSO, Heinz, Dunlop, Carlsberg, Volvo, UNICEF, Philips, Fortune, Neiman-Marcus, The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and many more.

His impressive body of work culminated in the era often referred to as Danish Modern. Not only was Antoni´s drawing style defining his time, but the work he created became a symbol of his native country, Denmark.

Ib Antoni was born in Esbjerg in 1929 and grew up in Denmarks second largest city, Aarhus, where he trained as an illustrator at the ad agency Buchtrup, Harlang & Toksvig. His career took of in Copenhagen, where he became one of his times great “Mad Men”, as a Art Director on some of the largest ad campaign at time. Campaigns which propelled his his iconic and positive drawing style all over the world.