Antoni Legacy

40 years after his death, the Antoni family and Gallerist Mikael Hauberg are reintroducing the gems from the Antoni Archives to the world. High quality posters and a range of fine paper goods are available and more products are being developed. The adored designs are sold in more than 50 locations in Denmarks and in exclusive stores in Taiwan, Australia, Germany, England, Sigapore, USA and Japan.

All paper goods are SUSTAINABLE and MADE IN DENMARK.

Collaborations and partnerships

Ib Antoni was a great collaborator throughout his career, and worked with more than 150 companies and organisations all over the world. He partnered with a number of  brands in the years before his much to early death. The collaborations counted som of Denmarks strongest and most famous companies suchs A.Mikkelsen (today Georg Jensen), Bing & Grøndahl (today Royal Copenhagen) and Unika Væv. Each the extraodinary companies without their areas of art and design.

Antoni Legacy continues this journey today, and we constantly explore the opportunities in creating nye collaborations and partnerships with companies and brands.

Our latest collaboration is with the renowned danish brands Tivoli and A.C. Perchs Thehandel (quality tea). Both appointed purveyors to the danish royal court.

Later in 2018 Antoni Legacy will announce two additional partnerships with famous danish brands


Antoni Legacy - Historical work

While we work to reintroduce the hundreds of motives which Ib Antoni left us, we also want to share the story about the man behind the illustrations.

An important task for us, is to register alle the companies and organizations, which he worked for and of course to collect all the motives in the Antoni portefolio.

We are still amazed to find new illustrations and companies which Ib Antoni has worked with. He was an incredibly productive artist.

Each time we find a new Antoni illustration we learn new aspects to his legacy. That is why we are very glad to get messages from the whole world, with forgotten Antoni works or variations of known illustrations. We would very much like to hear from you, if you think you have an Antoni illustration, which could be a forgotten gem.


Mikael Hauberg
Phone: +45 2749 8777

(Product related queries should be done via / 38760200 or through the webshop)

Sell Ib Antoni products

If you want to be our retailer, please contact Antoni Legacy (Mikael Hauberg) on +45 2749 8777 or by email.


All of Ib Antoni’s illustrations in all physical and digital versions are protected by the law of intellectual property right.

All use and presentation demands express written permission.

Abuse or misuse will lead to legal action.

Click here to contact Antoni Legacy.


We use – and can strongly recommend – lawyer Peter Schønning, who specialises in Intellectual Property Rights (copyright) and jurisdictional areas close to IP, for example laws of design and sports. This is why he calls himself Intellectual Property Rights Lawyer. Peter Schønning is Denmark’s leading export in IP and is also internationally acknowledged.

Photos of original works

We use – and can strongly recommend – art photographer Anders Sune Berg, who has photographed all original hand drawings and posters, that form the background of all our reproductions. Anders Sune Berg delivers an unprecedented result that gives us a perfect foundation to reintroduce Ib Antoni’s beautiful illustrations to the world again, with the emphasis of respecting the original works.