Magnet with Volvo Snabbe

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Refrigerator magnet: 65×90 mm. Hard magnet in high quality. Comes in foil.

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Ib Antoni´s “Snabbe” with the whale loaded on the truck. The “Snabbe” model was the Volvo V8 truck introduced to the market in the mid 1950s.


These Ib Antoni Refrigerator magnets are all made in the best quality. The magnets are hard and comes in foil. The magnets are done in a slightly larger size than normal refrigerator magnets.

The magnets are produced in collaboration with MagMedia ( Magmedia are very devoted to treating the environment properly and respectfully in the production of the magnets. You can read their code-of-conduct via the link above, where they also describe what they do to ensure the sustainable production of magnets.

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