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Poster: The Ballet Dancer

DKK 250,00



Ib Antoni´s poster with the Royal Danish Ballet Dancer. Made for the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in connection with ?Danska Veckorna? in Stockholm, Sweden in 1964. The Ministry held a competition for Poster Designers to send in their suggestions. Ib Antoni won with his series of four motives, where this is one of them. The series was used in the following years as main motives at the many exhibitions held around the world, in cooperation between The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Danish Industry and Danish Agriculture.


Here, 40 years after Ib Antoni’s death, the Antoni family (Anton Antoni, nephew to Ib Antoni) and gallerist Mikael Hauberg have brought many of Ib Antonis motives to the surface again with a wide range of new and exclusive reproductions and design products

Quality and technique

It has been a long process prior to the production of these special prints. The Antoni Family and Gallerist Mikael Hauberg decided to keep an extremely high quality during the process. They did high sophisticated photographing of the original posters and sketches. Colour adjusted during the process to make sure the original look. All reprints are made on special paper with non-fading colors and with an extra color in gold in the same places where the originals were gold coated.

Sustainable offset prints

All printing is done in a sustainable way by the Danish printing company Kailow who are experts in poster printing . There is a high focus on quality, an accurate reproduction of the originals and a general respect for Ib Antonis perfectionism in his drawings.

Ib Antoni – adorable Danish Illustrator & Designer

Ib Antoni (1929-1973) was one of the most sought after Danish visual artists of his time. His desirable and significant work was commissioned by more than 150 companies and organizations worldwide. Including Life Magazine, J. Walther Thomsen, Young & Rubicam, Esso, Carlsberg, Volvo, UNICEF, Philips, Fortune, Neiman-Marcus, The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and many more. His impressive body of work culminated in the era often referred to as Danish Modern.

Not only was Antoni´s drawing style defining his time, but the work he created became a symbol of his native country, Denmark.

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